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Below is a list of current books in order of publication which is a suggested reading order but not needed as each can be read as a standalone.

Kings of Kroydon Hills
more than a game paperback
all in paperback
always earned, never given paperback
under pressure paperback
Rise Of The King
restless kins series
Broken King
Fallen King

The Risks We Take Duet

Worth The Risk
Worth The Fight
caged paperback
shaken paperback
iced paperback
defiant kings series
overruled paperback
Haven Paperback

Playing To Win

the keeper paperback
the wildcat paperback
the knockout paperback
the sweet spot paperback

Red Lips & White Lies

tempting by Bella Matthews traditional cover paperback.png
redeeming paperback temp cover
enticing paperback temp cover
captivating paperback temp cover
teasing paperback temp cover

Best Sellers

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