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The Keeper

Easton Harris & Madeline Kington's book

This is the first book in the Kroydon Hills second generation world


Best Friend’s Brother
Teammate’s Sister
Virgin Heroine
Vegas Wedding
Forced Proximity
Shared Trauma
Touch her &
Found Family
Hockey Player/Figure Skater


Easton Hayes has been my knight in shining hockey skates since he saved my life.

This devastatingly handsome grump may be everyone’s favorite goalie, but to me, he’s my strength when demons haunt my dreams. And okay—so maybe he’s also the only man I’ve ever loved. But he doesn’t need to know that.

We’re friends.

It works for us.

At least, it did. Until I wake up with his ring on my finger and the hangover from hell. But what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when he refuses to give me an annulment and follows me across the country instead.

Now our families are furious.

Our friends are playing matchmaker.

I’m getting goosebumps each time I hear the words “my wife.”

And I think my husband might be in love with me.

The Keeper is a spicy sports romance, between a hot hockey player and an ice princess figure skater, with an angry teammate twist, plenty of banter and a happily ever after. This is the first book in the second generation of Kroydon Hills and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Content Warnings: On page death is discussed
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