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The Knockout

This is Gracie Sinclair's Book

This is the third in the Kroydon Hills second generation world


From USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author Bella Matthews comes a hot new hockey romance between a broken ballerina and the forbidden bad boy who saves her.

We all have dirty secrets. Some are just more fun to hide than others.

Ares Wilder is a so-called bad boy. A ladies man. The teammate most likely to fight both on and off the ice. And now this devastatingly dark and handsome hockey player with a sinful smile and a filthy mouth is my twin sister’s new brother-in-law, landing him firmly in the forbidden category.

Only he doesn’t see it that way.

Resisting him should be no big deal, right?
At least that’s what I thought…

Until one night, he manages to look past the illusion I’d spent a lifetime perfecting and see the broken girl behind the pink satin pointe shoes.

We were the perfect storm I never wanted to escape.
But with secrets piling up and my world crashing down, will Ares be one more thing I destroy?

Content Warnings: On page death and discussion of sexual harassment and drug use.
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