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This is Becket Kingston's story and book four in the Defiant Kings series


Forced Proximity

Best Friend's Brother

Marriage Of Convenience

Legal Guardian/Single Mom

Opposites Attract





“You gonna catch me if I fall, Becks?”

I should have known those words, whispered to my best friend’s brother, would come back to haunt me . . . But I had no idea he’d be the only one who could save me when my world threatens to come crashing down.

Becket Kingston is a lot of things. Tall, dark and deliciously handsome, he’s corded muscle hidden beneath an expensive suit, with eyes the color of an angry ocean, and a sharp tongue good for so many things.

And this future US Senator with a brain even bigger than his bank account is about to be my fake husband.

It was supposed to be easy . . . until it wasn’t. This relationship we carefully curated for the public has become something completely different behind closed doors—and the occasional open ones.

I knew we needed to lie to everyone we loved to pull this off.
But how long can we lie to ourselves?

Content Warnings: Off the page death and child abuse is discussed
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